What is coworking? 

The CO in coworking can be analyzed to the point that many words can accurately describe different components of what makes up coworking. Our own website has 4 descriptions; Community : Collaborative : Connected : Comfortable. All of these are correct in their own way. We do have collaborative meeting spaces. We do provide an environment to connect with technology and people. And we have many nice spaces that are comfortable. However, the most impactful element of coworking is the community that you join. 

Where we work, now more than ever, is a choice. Finding the best coworking space for you is finding the best community for you. Everyone weighs the various options of each coworking space. How long is the commute? What is the cost? Does it have on-site parking for the convenience of you and your visitors? What other types of amenities are nearby? Who else works there? The answer to every one of these, and other, questions will be weighed against every person’s needs. When someone comes to visit Incubizo I introduce them to the types of organizations and people that work here because the community of people is at the core of coworking.

We are a group of people who enjoy sharing aspects of our day with each other and appreciate how a coworking space provides us with a sense of togetherness. In a coworking space we share kitchens and parking lots and patios and awesome conference rooms. This helps drive down individual costs while giving everyone access to more amenities than we would have if we worked individually in traditional offices or our homes. But its more than a great building: one of the fundamental values of a coworking office is the community that welcomes you on day one. 

If you are interested in learning more please reach out: [email protected]