Video conferencing has long been an important communication tool and the amount of virtual meetings we attend has grown in frequency for many of us. There are many benefits to meeting via video conferencing with our coworkers and clients when we can’t all be in the same place. It provides us the opportunity to see peoples’ reactions, quickly get feedback, brainstorm in real time and reinforce the sense of togetherness. At Incubizo we know the value of meetings increase when attendees can see each other and its possible to collaborate over shared documents.

The Incubizo team is here every day so we know what our community members need and that is why we built every conference room with large TVs. Our Board Room has twin 80 inch TVs to maximize viewing of people and presentations. Our traditional conference rooms each have 60-80 inch TVs so that even when there is a shared presentation the other participants are still large enough to see. To make it easy for everyone all of the conference room TVs are connected to a fully functional computer to grant community members the ability to utilize their preferred video conferencing platform. Our Incubizo team knows that our community members and their visitors deserve the best video conferencing experience. So we built it into every meeting room. 

At Incubizo our rooms are made for in person meetings too. Our conference rooms have the capacity to use the large TVs to share documents via mirrored laptop screens and they are equipped with glass dry erase boards for creative brainstorming sessions. Plus, our meeting rooms are equipped with conference telephones to dial into audio only meetings.

Collaborative and effective meetings are an important part of our work day. At Incubizo we provide the technology enabled conference rooms needed to host and attend better meetings. Please reach out if you are looking for a great experience because we have the solution. 

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