At Incubizo we want your experience to be as effortless as possible. So we built Incubizo as a key free environment that is open to our members 24/7. Have you ever found yourself locked out and looking through the window at the keys you left on your table? Or maybe you’ve been out running errands and realize you want something from the office but you don’t have your work keys with you? Our community members don’t experience that at Incubizo. Our members get into the building using their phone and they unlock their private offices with a numbered keypad. 

Or maybe you just want to use a conference room sometimes? Its possible for non-members to rent a conference room outside of normal business hours. Our online room reservation system and integrated access control system are sophisticated enough to grant access to the building 15 minutes before the meeting starts and continue access until 15 minutes after the meeting ends. 

Do you have a team of people that need building access? Incubizo is built for teams of any size. Many of our member companies have multiple people and no one has to share credentials because everyone gets their own access. 

Incubizo is built to make the lives of our community members easier and better. Simplified and convenient access is one of the many ways we give our members the office experience they deserve.