Want to go to the office and work with your dog by your side? We do too.

Over the last few years we have had to make impactful adjustments that recalibrated our approach to life and work. For many of us, one of the important realizations has been connecting our well being to the positive time we spend with those closest to us. After some great feedback from the Incubizo community we are evolving to best serve our people. By allowing dogs to join us at the office!

At Incubizo we’re always focused on delivering the best experience for everyone who works and visits us. So our approach is intended to be respectful and mindful for all within the community. Our private space members can have their dogs in their offices and select shared spaces in the building. Our most frequently visited shared spaces, like first floor conference rooms, will still be for people only.

One of the most cherished aspects of working from home is available even when you aren’t working from home.

You can meet Finnley at Incubizo